Pure Nordic Charging

eThor is the future of electric vehicle charging. A combination of cutting-edge technology, advanced safety and Nordic design.

eThor Charger full height
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eThor Charger

When there’s no compromising in efficiency, design, and security, eThor Charger is your choice. Designed especially for the Nordic climate, durability and seamless experience.

  • Efficient Charging
  • Advanced Safety
  • Captivating Design
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Compact and Space-Saving

eThor Charger sets a new standard for efficient and sustainable EV charging.

Safety & Warranty

Advanced Safety

Our top priority is your security. eThor Charging stations feature advanced safety mechanisms against electrical faults, overvoltage and shortages. Safety certifications ensure a worry-free and reliable charging experience.

Generous Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with the eThor generous warranty coverage. eThor Charger is backed by a warranty that guards in case of any manufacturing defects or malfunctions. For 5 years, eThor ensures the flawless function of the charging station when installed and used correctly.

Built-In Surge Protection

Be sure your electric vehicle and the charger are shielded from electrical hazards. The eThor Charger incorporates built-in surge protection, guarding against unexpected power surges and fluctuations. This provides you with a secure charging experience and worry-free time.


As most of the remarkable stories, also the story of eThor begins with passionate people coming together. A team of designers got connected in Kirkenes, Norway. They all had a passion for creating products with cutting-edge technology, efficiency, and captivating design. Products that help people and the planet. And so eThor was born.

The team comes from various backgrounds from business and technology fields, but they all share the same Nordic values. And passion for the last mile excellence.

eThor story is just in the beginning, but it will revolutionize EV charging. eThor stands for Nordic values with all its actions. It’s in environmentally conscious choices, timeless design and high-quality technology. So you can make a premium choice for your EV charging.


Hans Nylund photo


The eThor Charger has redefined my EV charging. Its efficiency, easy user interface, and durability make it a must-have for a greener future. Kudos!

Karin Johansson photo


eThor has transformed my EV charging routine. With efficiency, user-friendliness, and top-notch technology, it’s a clear winner for a sustainable tomorrow.

Ville Korhonen photo


eThor and its Charger are masterpieces. The efficiency, easy to use, and superior technology have made my EV charging experience a breeze. A top recommendation!